Monday, May 07, 2012


This is a term used to describe someone as open and honest. We also use this term to indicate when we want to be open and honest with someone. This term originates from the Frankish tribe.

During the Middle Ages, most Germanic tribes were known by their weapon of choice. The Saxons were named after their preference for the sax, or short sword. No, the Saxons did not fight with saxophones. The Francs, on the other hand, favoured the frankon, or javelin, as their weapon of choice.

The Francs were proud of their freedom and the term ‘Frank’ came to mean ‘free and open’ in English as early as the 1300s. There are some other words that use Frank, such as franchise, which means the holder is allowed to exploit the market as they see fit.

Be sure to think of the javelin when you describe someone as Frank.

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